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Love in Action

OpenCircle is a voyage into the realm of feelings and a celebration of our identity as divine beings. In our willingness to process our uncomfortable feelings around work, relationship, health, money and other life issues, we are led to profound insights into the causes of our internal constrictions and the means to release of the pain associated with them. In the openness that follows, we feel the deep peace and inherent joy of our true Oneness.

For centuries, the circle has been a form in which people around the world have come together to share, connect, inspire and heal. This form is as old as the oldest social gatherings and as relevant today as it was over three million years ago. Through the union of ancient tradition and late-twentieth-century wisdom, powerful healing and spiritual growth emerge.

Long-time co-facilitators Howard Schechter and Barbara Lee will provide experiential and interactive exercises as well as focused, heart-centered guidance. However, the actual movement of the circle from one process to the next will be determined by the individuals and the group in the moment. Through this natural surrender to the spontaneous unfolding of the circle, participants are drawn to experience elevated states of consciousness and a sence of full aliveness.

he approach developed for the OpenCircle is a synthesis of traditions, including the great spiritual lineage of East and West: the dynamic psycho-logical techniques of psychosynthesis, gestalt, and process work; and the applied creative arts of movement and art therapy. Based on the fundamental principle that each of us is at once teacher and learner, the standard hierarchical approach is diminished. Instead, everyone is encouraged and supported in participatiang as co-leaders, contributing their unique skills, experience and inner knowing to the growth and evolution of the circle.

The key to this evolutionary process is the re-membering of our essential divinity, and the .Fwillingness (and courage) to feel and release our inner constraints. The sole qualification for participation is a sincere desire to know and express our inner truth in an atmosphere of loving support and compassion. In fulfilling this aim, we expand our wholeness and emerge ready to manifest our greatness in the world.

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