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Organization Consulting

Getting the Job Done
"One beam alone, no matter how stout, cannot support a house." -- Chinese Proverb

Businesses are organizations. Organizations consist of relationships among people. Business goals are achieved through effective interaction - which are a function of the quality of relationships.

Bridging the Gap

"To become one's Self is man's true vocation." - Kierkegaard

To be an effective member of an organization, to go beyond "good intentions," requires that you be authentic. As a manager the most certain path to success is being who you truly are. You can never be anyone else as well as you can be yourself. If you drop the "how to" formulas, and communicate and act based upon your true perceptions and impulses, you will form an excellent organization.

"The search inward was an unexpected turn in the road, yet felt exactly right once underfoot." - Client

Going to the Source

"Work is love made visible." - Gibran

Clients call when something is not working. People may not be communicating well; the technical skills are present, but teamwork is lacking. The service or product suffers. Results fall short of potential.

Howard Schechter is dedicated to helping businesses and the people in them tap the source of excellence within. He works with whole systems, management teams, and work groups to discover and release deep level blocks to effectiveness.

His technique is to listen - to create an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable to express, and then move beyond the problems to more fully realize personal and organizational potential.

The benefits can be striking. Increased productivity, improved service and product quality, better cooperation and communication, and higher levels of motivations and commitment.

"Dr. Schechter has worked with us during the past six years. We have found him to be absolutely terrific. You should seriously consider him for an organization development program with your company." - Client

Taking One Step at a Time

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." - Howell

Howard works differently than most organization consultants. Instead of presenting proposals with long phased estimates, he takes one step at a time. His philosophy that "each meeting could be the last" reflects his comfort with allowing the relationship and the process to unfold at its own pace, and with the client's developing insight and self-reliance.

"I'm always impressed by your skill - and your tremendous willingness to give from your heart with this work." - Client

Heading in the Right Direction

"Firewood alone will not start a fire." - Chinese Proverb

Howard provides consulting, training and counseling skills. Based on client needs, his work may focus on:

Organizational Diagnosis / Assessment

Discovering key blocks to optimal performance
Focusing intervention for the most powerful impact
"I discovered something: What I thought was danger was treasure." - Client

Management and Work Team Development

Role and Goal Clarification
Leadership Development
Communications Training
Listening Skills
"The camaraderie amongst members of our group has greatly improved since you worked with us. Thank you for a great job." - Client
"Thank you for a very moving, effective retreat. You are an excellent facilitator. It was wonderful to see you interact with people and guide the group." - Client

Strategic Planning, Visioning and Mission Development

Action Planning
"Just the thing to free people from their usual way of seeing things." - Client

Career Development

Rekindling the Spirit in Work Seminar
Career Counseling
"What you offered in the seminar with your attention, patience, constancy and caring created the most valuable workshop I have ever experienced." - Client

Working with Your Company

If you would like to to discuss what Doctor Schechter could do to improve your organizations health, please feel free to contact him at:

Howard Schechter
P. O. Box 454
Stinson Beach, CA 94970

Voice: (415) 868-9607
(Pacific Standard Time) Fax: (415) 868-9609

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