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Are you no longer satisfied with your lack of connection with yourself and others? What is lacking in your relationships with friends and family? Would you like to drop the facade that helps you get through some of life's mundane conversations and instead find soul sharing?

In this seminar, we will sit in circle and create an environment that satisfies our need to be fully alive meeting ourselves and others at a deeper level. Through watching our reactions and judgments, we will learn to see, honor and love all the ways we have used to separate from ourselves and those around us. We will identify and connect with our authentic self, that part within us which is most satisfying and meaningful. We will also confront and honor the less than authentic parts of ourselves which have served us well but which can now can be loved away.

Discussions, .> experiential and interactive exercises, as well as focused guidance, will be blended with specific interventions that meet the needs of the individuals and the group. The approach is grounded in spiritual traditions of both east and west, and guided by the techniques of psychosynthesis, gestalt psychology, process oriented psychology, and the applied creative arts of movement and expressive graphics.

Admit it, everyone is seeking love, compassion and acceptance from life! What better thing to do than explore how we can give that to each other? Let's create an environment that nurtures the development of our Souls. Let's do it all together, with the support of each other, seeing what Love in Action looks like.

In five days, through setting the intention to love ourselves and others, we can allow the divine to b .wlossom, bringing us to the point of fulfillment and honoring our true identities -- loving joyful beings.


The quality of our relationships in large part determines the level of satisfaction we have in our lives. The joy of intimate relationships, the character of our friendships, the quality of our associations in the workplace, even the nature of our casual connections have a tremendous impact on our happiness. The focus of this workshop is on transforming all these forms of our human connection into healing relationships to make our lives and those of others more fulfilling.

The Healing Relationship is generally addressed in the context of psychotherapy. Here we emphasize the way in which all relationship can be therapeutic. If we are conscious of the principles of the Healing Relationship, interactions from the grocery store clerk to our intimate partners can provide the opportunity to grow and heal, reflecting back to us the restorative energy we have put into them.

The purpose of the Healing Relationship is emotional and spiritual expansion for ourselves and those we touch. The primary characteristic of the Healing Relationship is depth. Depth of feeling and depth of connection. We go deep within ourselves to harvest our highest virtues and connect with others from that place. The Healing Relationship differs from the common relationship in that it is marked by profundity rather than superficiality. It is more a connection between souls than personalities.

Through demonstrations, practical exercises, and inner work we will learn the seven elements of the Healing Relationship model and practice its use as it applies to intimate partnership, friendships, work relationships, and casual acquaintance. With this practice and knowledge, relationships grow richer, deeper and more joyful. With the Healing Relationship guiding our interaction, we become a force for healing where ever we are. Others feel better in our presence, they feel they can drop their masks and share themselves more easily. We find less aggression in our lives as people realize that their habitual self-protective behaviors are unnecessary. The workshop is for couples, singles, people in the healing arts and anyone interested in learning how to transform relationship into spiritual practice.


Stress is epidemic in today's society. At the same time there is a deep craving for psychological and spiritual sustenance. Much of this discomfort is a result of a lack of balance in our lives. We emphasize the external at the expense of the internal, work at the expense of our family and personal lives. As a result we are out of balance and dissatisfied.

If we are to enjoy the most precious of life's gifts, a deep sense of well being, we must shift our attention from trying to move around the pieces of our external lives and give priority to nourishing our internal process. Shifting time allotments from one aspect of our outer life to another, never seems to work, and soon we are out of balance once again.

The fundamental theme we will explore together is that only by prioritizing the development of internal harmony can we create a life that has outer balance. All attempts at rearranging the external elements will inevitably fail--it is like trying to rearrange the furniture in order to save a sinking ship.

This workshop will explore the elements that constitute a life in balance. It will present a blue print for a personalized integrated daily practice which nurtures all aspects of ourselves.......simple processes that support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of our selves. Other topics will include the central importance of self acceptance in creating internal harmony as well as the role of interpersonal communication, conflict and cooperation in creating a more satisfying family and work life.

Models from various psychological and spiritual perspectives will be presented in a fresh formulation of traditional wisdom. The emphasis, however, will not be on formula or models, but on generating an understanding for each individual participant of what uniquely nurtures his or her own internal harmony and creates the proper balance that suits your particular life.

We will identify and explore each of our unique strengths that can serve as our intimate allies in developing harmony and balance. Further, we will identify and address the blocks each of us has created that limit our sense of well being. Clear honest straightforward communication will be emphasized as a powerful tool in overcoming obstacles to achieving balance in our work and family lives.

Experiential and interactive exercises as well as focused guidance will be provided by the group leaders, but the actual movement of the workshop from one topic and process to the next will be determined by the interests and needs of the specific individuals in the group each time.


Organizations are composed, at their core, of overlapping and interpenetrating relationships. It is the basic task of leadership to support the development of healthy effective relationships. The most effective way to do this is for leaders to develop their own unique capacity to nurture healthy supportive relationships with those they lead.

Leadership with integrity is based on the personal development of the leader. It presupposes a leader of high character; one who practices truth and trust and values loyalty. Such a leader honors all aspect of themselves and others, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements. These parts are overtly expressed and integra .}ted, not hidden with the goal of manipulating the organization.

The model of leader as manipulator is rejected. The inspiration which leadership with integrity engenders creates powerfully effective and profitable organizations. It develops long run commitment and excellence. A leader we respect and trust is the leader for whom we give one hundred and ten percent.

Love in Action

OpenCircle is a voyage into the realm of feelings and a celebration of our identity as divine beings. In our willingness to process our uncomfortable feelings around work, relationship, health, money and other life issues, we are led to profound insights into the causes of our internal constrictions and the means to release of the pain associated with them. In the openness that follows, we feel the deep peace and inherent joy of our true Oneness.

For centuries, the circle has been a form in which people around the world have come together to share, connect, inspire and heal. This form is as old as the oldest social gatherings and as relevant today as it was over three million years ago. Through the union of ancient tradition and late-twentieth-century wisdom, powerful healing and spiritual growth emerge.

Long-time co-facilitators Howard Schechter and Barbara Lee will provide experiential and interactive exercises as well as focused, heart-centered guidance. However, the actual movement of the circle from one process to the next will be determined by the individuals and the group in the moment. Through this natural surrender to the spontaneous unfolding of the circle, participants are drawn to experience elevated states of consciousness and a sence of full aliveness.

he approach developed for the OpenCircle is a synthesis of traditions, including the great spiritual lineage of East and West: the dynamic psycho-logical techniques of psychosynthesis, gestalt, and process work; and the applied creative arts of movement and art therapy. Based on the fundamental principle that each of us is at once teacher and learner, the standard hierarchical approach is diminished. Instead, everyone is encouraged and supported in participatiang as co-leaders, contributing their unique skills, experience and inner knowing to the growth and evolution of the circle.

The key to this evolutionary process is the re-membering of our essential divinity, and the .Fwillingness (and courage) to feel and release our inner constraints. The sole qualification for participation is a sincere desire to know and express our inner truth in an atmosphere of loving support and compassion. In fulfilling this aim, we expand our wholeness and emerge ready to manifest our greatness in the world.


"Learn your techniques well and be prepared to let them go when you touch the human soul." Carl Jung

For people fascinated with the positive power of skillfully guided groups. You will experience the value of deep group process for yourself as well as develop the skills necessary to become an effective group leader. You will learn how to work with the material naturally unfolding moment to moment in the group process as the primary tool for assisting the development of individual awareness, facilitating healing and growth, and helping the group to be a rich environment for individual development.

Facilitation techniques will be taught at three levels: personal, interpersonal and systemic. Participants will learn how to assist individual growth within the group context, how to use interpersonal conflict and cooperation to deepen relationships, and how to read group signals and promote whole system health. You will be encouraged to rely primarily upon your own intuition . and inner wisdom as the primary tool for group leadership. We will also help you to develop a "kit of tools" based on the most effective group facilitation methodologies Techniques used and taught will be an integration of gestalt practice, pschosynthesis, focusing, process oriented psychology, authentic movement, art therapy, the diamond approach, and the circle techniques of native peoples.

The key to being a truly great group leader is discovering and identifying with our sacred inner essence and honoring that essence in the other members of the group beyond all issues arising out of more superficial personality dynamics. Remembering and practicing this, while at the same time processing whatever phenomena emerges in the moment, will allow us to guide groups toward a powerfully moving, positive and growth full experience.

Rekindling the Spirit in Work

"Rekindling the Spirit in Work" is about reconnecting with yourself and the work you do. Through creative exercises and discussions, you gain a deeper awareness of your strengths and increased clarity about your next steps in work. This process can help you to confront and dissolve major blocks to rewarding work and to integrate who you are with what you do. It allows new and helpful insights to emerge. The theme of the workshop is that developing inner resources is the most direct path to successful work. By identifying with our highest Self and releasing self defeating constrictions, work flows more easily and naturally as a direct expression of who we are inside. From this clear strong place, we realize that we already know the answers to our most pressing questions. Anxiety is released and we are able to creatively develop a more positive relationship to our work.


True wealth is more than financial success. It is balance, completeness and satisfaction in our lives. It includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wealth. True wealth is the development of all aspects of our being.

Many of us have experienced the inner emptiness that remains after our financial needs have been achieved. There is a deep longing for more. This yearning cannot be filled by more material gain. It is achieved through honoring all of our selves. By developing and integrating the parts of ourselves we have left behind.

Now is the time to become whole. Discover the ways in which true wealth can become part of your life and make you a more successful person.

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