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The quality of our relationships in large part determines the level of satisfaction we have in our lives. The joy of intimate relationships, the character of our friendships, the quality of our associations in the workplace, even the nature of our casual connections have a tremendous impact on our happiness. The focus of this workshop is on transforming all these forms of our human connection into healing relationships to make our lives and those of others more fulfilling.

The Healing Relationship is generally addressed in the context of psychotherapy. Here we emphasize the way in which all relationship can be therapeutic. If we are conscious of the principles of the Healing Relationship, interactions from the grocery store clerk to our intimate partners can provide the opportunity to grow and heal, reflecting back to us the restorative energy we have put into them.

The purpose of the Healing Relationship is emotional and spiritual expansion for ourselves and those we touch. The primary characteristic of the Healing Relationship is depth. Depth of feeling and depth of connection. We go deep within ourselves to harvest our highest virtues and connect with others from that place. The Healing Relationship differs from the common relationship in that it is marked by profundity rather than superficiality. It is more a connection between souls than personalities.

Through demonstrations, practical exercises, and inner work we will learn the seven elements of the Healing Relationship model and practice its use as it applies to intimate partnership, friendships, work relationships, and casual acquaintance. With this practice and knowledge, relationships grow richer, deeper and more joyful. With the Healing Relationship guiding our interaction, we become a force for healing where ever we are. Others feel better in our presence, they feel they can drop their masks and share themselves more easily. We find less aggression in our lives as people realize that their habitual self-protective behaviors are unnecessary. The workshop is for couples, singles, people in the healing arts and anyone interested in learning how to transform relationship into spiritual practice.

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