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"Learn your techniques well and be prepared to let them go when you touch the human soul." Carl Jung

For people fascinated with the positive power of skillfully guided groups. You will experience the value of deep group process for yourself as well as develop the skills necessary to become an effective group leader. You will learn how to work with the material naturally unfolding moment to moment in the group process as the primary tool for assisting the development of individual awareness, facilitating healing and growth, and helping the group to be a rich environment for individual development.

Facilitation techniques will be taught at three levels: personal, interpersonal and systemic. Participants will learn how to assist individual growth within the group context, how to use interpersonal conflict and cooperation to deepen relationships, and how to read group signals and promote whole system health. You will be encouraged to rely primarily upon your own intuition . and inner wisdom as the primary tool for group leadership. We will also help you to develop a "kit of tools" based on the most effective group facilitation methodologies Techniques used and taught will be an integration of gestalt practice, pschosynthesis, focusing, process oriented psychology, authentic movement, art therapy, the diamond approach, and the circle techniques of native peoples.

The key to being a truly great group leader is discovering and identifying with our sacred inner essence and honoring that essence in the other members of the group beyond all issues arising out of more superficial personality dynamics. Remembering and practicing this, while at the same time processing whatever phenomena emerges in the moment, will allow us to guide groups toward a powerfully moving, positive and growth full experience. BIOS

HOWARD SCHECHTER focuses his work on spiritual and emotional growth. His own, and the facilitation of the growth and healing of others. He integrates into his teaching the insights and practices of a variety of psychological and spoiritual traditions originating in the East and the West. He is the author of Rekindling the Spirit in Work.

BARBARA LEE is a circlemaker who has worked with groups for the last fifteen years. She focuses on "heart centered" rememberance of the Divine.

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