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Stress is epidemic in today's society. At the same time there is a deep craving for psychological and spiritual sustenance. Much of this discomfort is a result of a lack of balance in our lives. We emphasize the external at the expense of the internal, work at the expense of our family and personal lives. As a result we are out of balance and dissatisfied.

If we are to enjoy the most precious of life's gifts, a deep sense of well being, we must shift our attention from trying to move around the pieces of our external lives and give priority to nourishing our internal process. Shifting time allotments from one aspect of our outer life to another, never seems to work, and soon we are out of balance once again.

The fundamental theme we will explore together is that only by prioritizing the development of internal harmony can we create a life that has outer balance. All attempts at rearranging the external elements will inevitably fail--it is like trying to rearrange the furniture in order to save a sinking ship.

This workshop will explore the elements that constitute a life in balance. It will present a blue print for a personalized integrated daily practice which nurtures all aspects of ourselves.......simple processes that support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of our selves. Other topics will include the central importance of self acceptance in creating internal harmony as well as the role of interpersonal communication, conflict and cooperation in creating a more satisfying family and work life.

Models from various psychological and spiritual perspectives will be presented in a fresh formulation of traditional wisdom. The emphasis, however, will not be on formula or models, but on generating an understanding for each individual participant of what uniquely nurtures his or her own internal harmony and creates the proper balance that suits your particular life.

We will identify and explore each of our unique strengths that can serve as our intimate allies in developing harmony and balance. Further, we will identify and address the blocks each of us has created that limit our sense of well being. Clear honest straightforward communication will be emphasized as a powerful tool in overcoming obstacles to achieving balance in our work and family lives.

Experiential and interactive exercises as well as focused guidance will be provided by the group leaders, but the actual movement of the workshop from one topic and process to the next will be determined by the interests and needs of the specific individuals in the group each time.

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