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Are you no longer satisfied with your lack of connection with yourself and others? What is lacking in your relationships with friends and family? Would you like to drop the facade that helps you get through some of life's mundane conversations and instead find soul sharing?

In this seminar, we will sit in circle and create an environment that satisfies our need to be fully alive meeting ourselves and others at a deeper level. Through watching our reactions and judgments, we will learn to see, honor and love all the ways we have used to separate from ourselves and those around us. We will identify and connect with our authentic self, that part within us which is most satisfying and meaningful. We will also confront and honor the less than authentic parts of ourselves which have served us well but which can now can be loved away.

Discussions, .> experiential and interactive exercises, as well as focused guidance, will be blended with specific interventions that meet the needs of the individuals and the group. The approach is grounded in spiritual traditions of both east and west, and guided by the techniques of psychosynthesis, gestalt psychology, process oriented psychology, and the applied creative arts of movement and expressive graphics.

Admit it, everyone is seeking love, compassion and acceptance from life! What better thing to do than explore how we can give that to each other? Let's create an environment that nurtures the development of our Souls. Let's do it all together, with the support of each other, seeing what Love in Action looks like.

In five days, through setting the intention to love ourselves and others, we can allow the divine to b .wlossom, bringing us to the point of fulfillment and honoring our true identities -- loving joyful beings.


BARBARA LEE has been a circlemaker for the past 17 years. Her primary focus is on the heart-centered rememberance of the Divine. Barbara is co-founder of the "Rekindling the Spirit is Work" seminars and holds a graduate certificate in Organization Development and Transformation.

HOWARD SCHECHTER, Ph.D., focuses his work on spiritual and emotional growth. His teaching integrates the insights and practices of a variety of Eastern and Western psychological and spiritual traditions. He is founder, professor, and former chairman of the Department of Organization Development and Transformation at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Howard is the author of Rekindling the Spirit in Work and Jupiter's Rings: Balance From The Inside Out.

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