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Loving Yourself


Loving YourSelf

by Barbara Lee

30 + 1

Daily Remembrances

Read one page a day every month until

you have no more doubts

about who you are.

Thirty plus One

ways to remember who you truly are

ways to Love yourself

ways to be your Essence

My daughter gave me an empty journal for Mother’s Day, asking that I leave

her a legacy of affirmations. She requested that I spend the rest of my life

writing down things that I see and know so that when I die she can have the book

back for her reflection during that part of her life when she will have to live

without me next to her. This is my first response and I dedicate it to my

wonderful daughter, Bridgit.

Heart Chakra

A very important part of this book is to present the idea of focusing on your heart

chakra as a visualization to come to your Center and release pain. Your heart

center is the way back to your whole Self. Most of us have closed down our hearts

to some degree as children, in order to survive the pain brought on by the lack of

love that we experienced in our family environment. I mean no blame, but state

this as a reflection of the planet’s state of evolution. Now is the time to exercise

the heart muscle - to allow the heart to spin open again, to relieve our sorrow.

As you read this book, I ask that you focus on your heart while reading each

day’s message. Meditate on the message energetically, by putting your atten-

tion on your heart. Place your hand right over the center of your chest. See

your heart as an ever-opening, spinning, wheel of rainbow light, throwing off

sparks of Love.

Use the daily reading to start a meditation of at least 10 minutes a day - moving

up to 45 as that length becomes more comfortable. Keep your own journal of

thoughts that arise as you meditate on the messages.


Love YourSelf

Have Love and Compassion towards yourself. Breathe in the beauty of who you

are, and really know that you are a precious being. Realize that there is no

greater love available to you today than what you give to yourself. This is the

love that is inspired through your connection to the Great Mystery, the One

Divine Mother.

The greatest gift we can give to anyone else - is allowing them to see our Love

towards ourselves. Only through loving ourselves can we feel love and com-

passion for someone else.



Watch for something being “off” in your world - that’s a clue to how well you are

loving yourself. Use the world as a mirror to discover how you are living your

life. Be more interested in discovering more about yourself, than in trying to

change others. The reason someone else bothers you is because they remind you

in some way of yourself. Treat your projections of others as a source of insight

that reveals a hidden part of yourself. And please don’t judge yourself,

remember you are discovering your real self through this process.


Give Thanks

As you wake up this morning, give thanks that you are still alive and the

opportunity to live another day. Another day to love those closest to you.

Another day to try to understand what this strange mystery of Life is all about.


Have Clarity

Prepare to let this be the day that you have more clarity than ever before - let

this be the day of seeing clearly who you really are and understanding your

life’s purpose. Begin with the reality that you are a hologram of the Divine,

instilled with the essence of the Great One. In a hologram each small piece of the

whole is identical to the essence of the larger piece. You are the physical

appearance of the Divine!



Go forth with an open heart. Expecting this to be the most miraculous day of

your life. Know that whatever and whoever comes into your life today is meant

to be there for your growth and happiness. The world is created by our

intentions, by our desires - so expect the best to come to you.



Today allow yourself to accept every sorrow - every painful wound event in your

life. Really go into, and stay with the feelings that arise. Don’t run away - focus

on your heart and let it soften - breathe through your heart. When these feelings

have abated (it could take up to 1/2 hour), allow yourself to see past the pain

into the brilliance which has drawn this to you in order to grow into a more

complete human being.



Today watch for a clue on how to bring your Divine Self and your ego self

together. There is no longer a need to have any separation between them - we

are all One. Any sorrow that you have been carrying for years can now be

completely healed.



Breathe in Light - golden, shimmering Light. Deep breaths of stillness that fill

your Being with peacefulness and love. Stay with this as long as possible. Long,

slow breaths through your heart can get you through any difficult situation.



Know that all is well with the world today. No matter how it may seem. Begin

with yourself and by the end of the day know that all is well with everyone

else you meet. Life is unfolding as it is meant to unfold. Every time you see

something wrong with the world, bring your attention back to the mantra -

“all is well” - because all is One and the One is perfection. You may notice

that others have a veil over their Light, but still continue to see everyone in

their wholeness. This allows them to respond with their Light faster and easier.



See yourself as perfect. YES!! That thought may be quite difficult at first.

But, nevertheless, it is true. You are perfection and once you open to that

wisdom, you will see every event in your life as being right on purpose. You

will not be able to doubt any action you take once you surrender and allow your

perfection to Be. Your life will flow without interference from your ego. Life

can be lived in this state.


Choose Love

Love yourself and all else will follow. All your dreams will fall into place when

Love is your primary concern. Make a conscious choice to choose Love. Let that

be your foremost intention today. Every time you want to run away - choose

Love instead. Stay with your fear until you feel your heart soften and open

again. Be not afraid to err on the side of Love, you have nothing to lose except

your fear.


Your Inner Child

The inner child is to be loved, honored and indulged. Write a note asking

“What do you want from me?” to your inner child, using your dominant hand.

Let the answer come by writing with your opposite hand. Try giving her any-

thing that she wants. This is the part of ourselves that has been ignored for

years, hidden since we closed down our hearts in order to be safe. But of course,

it didn’t work - because there is no safety to be found in a closed heart.

Promise that you will be the child’s most loving parent. Shower her with your

Love. Be your own Fairy Godmother!



Develop a forgiving nature, particularly towards yourself. A forgiving

consciousness is healing and your judgments of yourself can end. Once you are

giving your inner child everything it needs, forgiveness becomes easier. When

you have all the love you need, there is no longer anything to be gained by with-

holding love from others. Love is “for giving”.


I am

I am One with the universe

I am an electrical impulse of the Divine mind

I am complete and unabridged

I am now pulling together all part of my biggest Self

I want to listen and hear all my body’s messages. It is my

intention to be guided by inner messages and imagery

I now stand tall, caring not to judge myself or others

I am blazing glory. Like a comet spinning thru space,

full of Light. There is no greater love than I feel now

I am the Divine Love and Light of the Universe

I have a new place, it is beyond right and wrong

it is beyond this and that

The Way now is vast, like no other I’ve known

it will be hard to explain, but easy to live

I know my true nature only on this path

simplicity is it’s name


Watch The Energy

If you are having a problem with someone or something, pay no attention to

the words being spoken, because this is a distraction from the real issue. Instead

watch the energy, feel your feelings and listen for the unspoken pain or fear - try

to undercut the distraction of the supposed problem and get to the deeper issues.

The issue is about you! Because its happening in your life.



Watch for subliminal messages you give to yourself throughout the day. What

daydreams are you in now? What song is running through your head? What old

memory has come up to be healed now? Who did you just think of? These are the

messages from the unconscious that want attention now. Who telephoned in the

middle of some event or conversation? What reflection is your family of

yourself? Use life as a metaphor to allow your higher Self to communicate with

you. Don’t forget you are in charge of your own movie.



“Godisnowhere” I don’t know who first wrote this, but its a perfect example of

how we choose to interpret what we see.

God is no where or God is now here

In our life’s movie, we make a choice every minute about what we want our life

to be. What is your choice today? Its your life, what outcome do you want?

Happiness or pain? It is your task to find the perfection and beauty in your life.

Struggle is not necessary now. You’ve chosen struggle in the past because you

didn’t realize you were writing your own script.



Can you stay awake when confronted with the strong family lineage that

denies the greater Self? Can you stay awake, without fear when meeting you old

family situations of conditional, rather than unconditional, love? Can you

remember today who you are? Of course you can!



Use nature to remember. Walk in ancient trees, on high mountains, beside

moving water, look up to the clouds and stars and feel the wind - this is returning

home to the Great Mother. Bring energy up through your feet and into your

hands, where you can send it out to others. Nature provides the fuel for the

distribution of the healing force.


Quality of Life

Live a life of quality. Live as if today is the first day of the last six months of your

life. What do you really want to do today? Where do you really want to live?

With whom? Is your job fulfilling? Are you loving yourself as much as you

want? Do you have unfinished business with friends and loved ones?



Consider yourself whole and healed....

Don’t worry about judgments of yourself or others, turn the “blind eye”. Image

the perfection, that you truly are, unfolding daily before your very eyes.

Imaging is one of the first steps in manifestation. It is important to nurture

positive images within yourself.


Be Not Afraid

You can’t be afraid and loving at the same time. Fear closes down the loving

heart, there can be no coexistence. Its always your choice. Remember, heal

fear energetically by focusing on your heart, see it as an ever opening, spinning

wheel of rainbow Light, throwing off sparks of Love. Focus on this area for 20

minutes each time you fall out of Love with yourself or another. Just

put your awareness on the heart chakra, maybe sing it a little the one

I learned in Sunday School - “I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart.”

When I sing this song, I feel a lightness start to bubble up in my heart area and I

realize that I can turn my fear over to the Divine Mother. I know that i am

loved and cared for. I know that all is well.


Be a Generator

Imagine yourself to be a generator, with Love and Light pouring into the top of

your head and pumping out through your heart. Feel the space around you

(your aura) pulsating with the energy, electricity and magnetism of Love. This

can be a mission in life, to generate Love unto the Earth!! As you walk around

during the day your aura will activate the Love principle in others. You can

ignite Love wherever you are, if you remember that Love is pouring out of your

heart. Love is activated by your KNOWING it to BE.



Just make the contact! With your Higher Self ! Make that your goal today!

Contact ! “All things come to those who wait.” These were my mother’s words to

me on her 80th birthday. Settle deeply into the presence of the Great One, feel

the peacefulness and happiness that is your natural state.



If you can continue to remember

there will grace in your life

there will be solutions to your questions

there will be Love in your heart and Light in your eyes.


Activate the Presence

Presence abides within us at all times. Leaving fear behind and opening to

Love activates this Presence to manifest and shine out through our eyes. Our

responsibility is to activate the Presence by remembering that Essence is here

within us at all times.


Follow your Nose

Ask yourself repeatedly “What do I want to do now?” And then pay attention

and do it!

Be willing to change every plan you have

in order to honor your truth

in order to do the next thing

in order to go where your nose want to lead you

Be willing to follow you Self.


Soul Infusion

Once you are soul-infused, you will be acting as a protective devise for the rest of

society. Your realization of the presence forms a protective net for those just

beginning to come to realization. This is the next task - to hold steady the

remembrance. Let all self doubt end with the remembrance.


Who We Are

We come forth into the Light, remembering again who we are. We draw down

the wisdom and Love that are always present within us. Sometimes hidden by

the veil of daily forgetfulness but never misplaced - always right there for us -

unconditional wisdom and love. This is we are.


The Truth

Don’t believe a word in this book - write your own words! You know more about

your own truth than I do! Just listen to your inner voice and write down the




This book is available via email at:

or in a hand bound book form by writing to me at

Barbara Lee, P.O. Box 534, Stinson Beach, CA 94970

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