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Because of my background, education and inclination, I have become skillful in helping at various levels of the human experience: the organizational level, the group level, interpersonally, and personally. As a result, coaching work with individuals has become a central part of my practice. My focus is on empowering people through facilitating improved competence as well as supporting a confident and self-supportive view of one’s self, with the goal of maximizing your full potential.

Some of the areas of emphasis are:

•Identifying the goals you would like to achieve and working to reduce the impediments to achieving those goals.

•Clearly recognizing your strength and weaknesses. Learning to build on strengths and correct weaknesses.

• Identifying the skills that need improvement and discovering ways to improve them.

•Identifying your major sources of stress and finding ways to mitigate their corrosive effects.

•Become acquainted with human and non-human resources that will support you to be creative, confident, and provide insight when difficult situations arise.

• Helping expand your possibilities through diminishing limiting ideas and historical inputs that have been restraining you from reaching your full potential.

When coaching occurs in the work setting, it results in a far more energized, productive, satisfied and contributing member of your team.





Home About Howard Organization Consulting Coaching Books